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About Our Firm

The Partnership

We came together to form First Financial Strategies, LLC (FFS) out of a shared practice focus in retirement planning and wealth management. Many of us have known one another for several decades and have built professional relationships of mutual respect.

Over time, many of our client’s goals have shifted beyond investing responsibly for wealth accumulation goals into strategically structuring assets to create reliable income strategies during retirement. FFS Partners have developed a reputation for their expertise in retirement income distribution planning. Some are recognized leaders in designing strategies and software used by other Financial Advisors across the country.

Our team approach to practice succession helps to allow for continued and uninterrupted quality advice and service. Within the firm, teaming between older and younger partners helps to ensure a seamless transition of ongoing expertise. The collective Advisor knowledge pool is composed of an experienced, multi-generational team from which clients can benefit for the years ahead.

Meaning Behind the Firm Bi-Line

"Tenured and Credentialed Pre and Post Retirement Specialists"

  • Tenured
  • Credentialed
  • Pre Retirement Planning
  • Post Retirement Planning


The founding partners and associates average over 27 years of practical client experience and combine over 163 years in the financial services industry. We take time to first assess the inter-related dimensions of a client’s needs, and then develop creative strategies and responsible product recommendations to help realize important financial goals. The value added FFS difference is seasoned judgment tempered by real world experience in up and down market cycles and ever changing tax laws.


A core value of FFS is our commitment to ongoing professional education. This is evidenced by the more than 8 professional industry designations earned by the partners and associates. FFS Advisors keep current on new tax laws, shifting financial markets and the increasingly complex evolution of financial product design. Monthly study groups, industry product presentations and national conferences are an integral part of our lifelong learning.

To better appreciate our dedication to life long learning, click here for a description of each of the credentials and accomplishments held by members of our professional family.

Pre Retirement Planning

FFS Advisers can project if the combination of your pension, social security and investments may be enough to help ensure financial security. State of the art software can forecast the growth of assets as well as the impact of inflation and income taxes. We custom design diverse investment portfolios with the goal of helping to responsibly grow your assets then meet on a regular basis to monitor your financial progress. FFS Advisors are independent of product manufacturers and free to creatively structure portfolios utilizing a rich array of non-proprietary investment and insurance products which are available through Securities America.

Post Retirement Planning

Strategic planning goes beyond determining when you can retire. It proactively anticipates both the order of withdrawal from different investment accounts and the tax consequence of the income you receive. FFS Partners pioneered retirement income distribution software used by advisors nationally. It divides retirement into a series of phases and guides FFS Advisors, who are registered representatives of Securities America , in the alignment of assets as retirement approaches. This protocol invests more conservatively those funds to be tapped in the early years of retirement while optimizing the long term growth potential of those not needed until the later years.